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Are you interested in becoming an effective young project manager?

Who are Young Project Managers?
Young Project Managers can be those who have just completed their O/L, A/L, or are undergraduates or have just entered the world of work or hoping to enter the world of work soon. They are expected to undertake projects at home, school, university, community or in the workplace as they start their internship. Therefore, they should learn project planning and implementation tools and techniques immediately.

Why organizations need project managers?
Project management is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world today. Organizations are challenged by rapidly changing technology, rising cost, increasing competition, frequent resource shortages and pressure from interest groups with opposing views. To face these challenges effectively, organizations should be able to quickly adapt to the changes in the external environment. To gain such behavioral characteristics, organizations should be flexible.

Project management is a very effective and flexible tool that helps organizations to be flexible. Therefore, all organizations need this effective tool to remain competitive in the today’s very complex and dynamic business environment. Consequent to these developments, it is seen that most of the activities we undertake in organizations today are projects. Project management has become a central activity for many organizations.

Why should you learn project management?
With these recent developments, global economy has become more projects oriented. Today, the practice of project management expands to industries which were less project oriented in the past. Eg; banks, financial institutes, insurance, hospitality, airlines, telecom, apparel, petroleum, pharmaceutical, healthcare, etc.

Organizations now want young workers across all departments having some training in project management. The Success gained through projects has driven the demand for project managers.

Projects management capability is a critical success factor that supports career advancement of a young employee.

According to Project Management Institute(PMI) USA statistics by 2027 employers will need 87.7 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles. PMI expect 22 million new jobs in project management around the world by 2027. This is a 33% growth.

How can I become a young project manager?
You can become a young project manager by attending a 30 hour Certificate in Project Management Program offered by us.


  • 1
    Can help strengthen your resume and college application
  • 2
    Being able to stand out from the crowd
  • 3
    Develop your skills and build on your strengths
  • 4
    Orientate you to the world of work
  • 5
    Support your professional development
  • 6
    Leverage your career advancement
  • 7
    Gives you a way to help others
  • 8
    Can deliver outcomes with a positive social impact in the local community
  • 9
    Often results in personal growth
Rs 20,000
30 Hrs
Who Should Attend
  • Those who have just finished A/Levels
  • Those who have just finished O/Levels
  • Undergraduates
  • New entrants to the world of work
Course Contents


In this course, you will learn to build a high performing team and lead them to plan, execute, and complete a project using Predictive, Agile and Hybrid project management methodologies according to the needs of the contextual circumstances.


  • How to undertake challenging tasks and produce results
  • Use initiatives for maximum impact
  • Prepare work plans to reach goals
  • Prepare time plan to meet deadlines
  • Prepare budgets for effective cost control
  • Manage risks to minimize disturbances to the project
  • Prepare resource plans to optimize resource utilization
  • Motivate and lead teams effectively
  • Become an effective team player
  • Monitoring and controlling project activities

Training Options

Live Virtual Classroom

Our online training course maintains the same high quality instructor delivery standards, better learning impact, pass guarantee as the in person class room course with the flexibility and convenience to attend from your home or office.

In Person Class Room

Instructor-led courses are held at quality training facilities and hosted by one of our certified instructors with more than 15 years of learning management experience. Our live classroom opton comes with the flexibility to convert to a virtual course or another date if your plans changes.

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  • Learn in an instructor-led online training class that fits your needs and schedule
  • Take the course from the convenience of your home or office
  • Join from anywhere in the world
  • Knowledge sharing through live interactions with your instructor and fellow students
  • Convenience, cost savings and flexibility
  • Online one on one mentorship for doubt clearance
Register for In Person Classes
  • Printed Version of Study Materials
  • In person classroom setting to interact with the instructor and peers
  • 10 case suited to leverage learning with a practical approach
  • 10 hands on activities to support application skills
  • One on one mentorship for doubt clearance
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A trainer, speaker, coach and management consultant with two decades of industry experience specialising in project management and one decade of experience in training and coaching professionals from IT, Finance, Healthcare, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Leisure, and Manufacturing industries. Popular for his unique simple and practical training delivery approach. Trained over 4500 executives of leading corporations on project management. Conducted over 80 public and in house workshops on project management and general management. Has produced over 700 PMPs, 200 CAPM credential holders and over 200 Agile Certificants during the last 12 years. Authored a popular book on Project Management. Was a visiting faculty member of MBA in Project Management (University of Southern Queensland Sri Lankan Branch) and MBA program (University of Colombo). Research interests are in the fields of IT project management, IT industry development and Agile transition.